Getting Wacky!

This is the second thing I decided to crochet… Another newborn baby jumper. A very yellow newborn baby jumper… Possibly a little too yellow…

Turns out hoods are surprisingly easy to crochet. You just keep crocheting around the neck line until its long enough and then stitch it up at the top.

It’s 100% seamless… which is why I love crochet. With knitting you end up with so many seams, which can be rough on a newborn’s skin.You also have to finish all the separate pieces before you can sew it up and begin to see it’s shape. With crochet it is just a matter of re-attaching the wool to different parts of the jumper and it’s very quick to see the shape or size the finished project will be.


So… maybe I shouldn’t have used such a bright colour for a newborn…. and the crochet is still a little bit wonky…. but I like to think I’m getting better with every crochet project I do.

Practice makes perfect! Eventually…. unfortunately…. not quite yet.


The beginning

It all began one cold rainy day, (which in England is most of them). I had just started my maternity and came to the conclusion that not working is actually very boring. Who would have known! As my sewing machine had decided to break, I needed a new hobby to occupy my time…. or a new sewing machine…. but a new hobby seemed like the cheaper option.

I already knew how to knit, but everything seemed to take so long. When you’re used to sewing, where you could make something in an afternoon, having to spend a couple days on the same project is boring! However.. amidst my knitting supplies, I found a crochet hook and thought I would give it a go.

After a lot of practice…. and a lot of unravelling… I managed to make┬áthis….

The first attempt!

Don’t laugh!

I know it’s not exactly a master piece and looks a little bit like a Father Christmas jacket… but for a first attempt, I think I done okay…. right?

The arms aren’t the same length… It’s smaller than it was supposed to be…. and it is a strange shape.

Comparing it to what I’m managing after two months practice, it’s ghastly. However, for someone who had never picked up a crochet hook until that night, I think it’s pretty awesome!