Meet the new model…

Wow…. It’s been almost 6 months since I last posted! I have a good reason… I promise.

I gave birth to the most gorgeous little baby! Here she is pulling on her mummy’s wires…


Now… some time has passed. Here I was thinking Babies? Pfft how much time do they take. I can write in a blog daily. Oh boy was I wrong! Being a single parent I barely have enough time to shower or eat, let alone write a blog and get creative.

She’s now a bit older and occasionally allows me the odd minuet or two. Which means I can crochet again! I actually designed my own pattern and made this…


How cute is this! It’s an elephant hoody! I’m going to share the pattern with everyone so you can turn your munchkins into little elephants too. I’m in the midst of writing it out so will be sharing it in the following post.. along with lots and lots of photos of my new little model.



Pretty Premi

I had been having problems throughout my pregnancy with something called ‘Placenta Praevia’. It’s a condition where the placenta decides to be awkward and attaches itself to the bottom of the womb. I was 25 weeks pregnant and doctors were unsure whether or not I would make it to full term. Luckily, it was only partially blocking the cervix and moved out of the way as baby Grace grew. Now at 38 weeks… I’m dreading going over term! I have an appointment on the 16th March 2017 to be induced… but lets hope she comes before then!

Anyway…. back to topic. As I was under risk of having a tiny baby, I thought it would be a good idea to make a tiny baby dress.

I got the pattern for this dress here… but made my own alterations to decrease the size. It’s made with 4ply wool and a teeny tiny  hook… making it rather time consuming. The outcome however is adorable! Although, as baby Grace is now estimated to weigh about 6.4lb… there is no way that this tiny dress is going to fit.

I also knitted a teedscn7434ny tiny hat and a teeny tiny pair of gloves, which baby Grace will no longer fit into. I am sure however that they will not go to waste and there will be a tiny baby girl in the hospital’s NICU who these would look adorable on.

I must admit… there is something about making premi baby clothes… and these certainly wont be my last tiny projects.