The beginning

It all began one cold rainy day, (which in England is most of them). I had just started my maternity and came to the conclusion that not working is actually very boring. Who would have known! As my sewing machine had decided to break, I needed a new hobby to occupy my time…. or a new sewing machine…. but a new hobby seemed like the cheaper option.

I already knew how to knit, but everything seemed to take so long. When you’re used to sewing, where you could make something in an afternoon, having to spend a couple days on the same project is boring! However.. amidst my knitting supplies, I found a crochet hook and thought I would give it a go.

After a lot of practice…. and a lot of unravelling… I managed to make┬áthis….

The first attempt!

Don’t laugh!

I know it’s not exactly a master piece and looks a little bit like a Father Christmas jacket… but for a first attempt, I think I done okay…. right?

The arms aren’t the same length… It’s smaller than it was supposed to be…. and it is a strange shape.

Comparing it to what I’m managing after two months practice, it’s ghastly. However, for someone who had never picked up a crochet hook until that night, I think it’s pretty awesome!