Getting Wacky!

This is the second thing I decided to crochet… Another newborn baby jumper. A very yellow newborn baby jumper… Possibly a little too yellow…

Turns out hoods are surprisingly easy to crochet. You just keep crocheting around the neck line until its long enough and then stitch it up at the top.

It’s 100% seamless… which is why I love crochet. With knitting you end up with so many seams, which can be rough on a newborn’s skin.You also have to finish all the separate pieces before you can sew it up and begin to see it’s shape. With crochet it is just a matter of re-attaching the wool to different parts of the jumper and it’s very quick to see the shape or size the finished project will be.


So… maybe I shouldn’t have used such a bright colour for a newborn…. and the crochet is still a little bit wonky…. but I like to think I’m getting better with every crochet project I do.

Practice makes perfect! Eventually…. unfortunately…. not quite yet.


A Flowery Jumper for Baby Grace.

I have come to the conclusion, that I spend more time looking for patterns… than I actually do making the item! I get a set image in my mind and spend hours looking for a pattern that matches that image. Which…. is a very silly thing to do!

So what do you do?….. you make it up as you go along… obviously.

I started from the top, making a long chain, increasing at four individual points to make it form the jumper-like shape. I am sure there must be some word for that method, but I have no idea what it is. (Please tell me if you know).


I was originally going to have it as a cardigan, but half way through got bored and joined up the two ends…. turning into a jumper. After a few rows of nothing but half double crochet (hdc) I got bored yet again and decided to get creative.

I went online in search of a pretty stitch I could use to create a border and found a stitch that looked like a row of flowers. I now can’t find the tutorial I used… or even remember how I done the stitch. If I can rediscover the tutorial I will link it!….

Pretty little flower stitch!

I got a little bit carried away on the arms and ended up making the first one rather long…. so I just made the second one long as well and folded it over… which I think looks rather adorable anyway.

When I finished I thought the neck bit looked a little boring. The solution? A pretty little collar!… I’m a little obsessed with collars. I just done a couple rows of half double crochet around the neck line and finished it off with a wavy border.

The outcome.. a pretty flowery jumper for a 0-3 month old.

What did I learn?

Randomly making up a pattern as you go along… actually takes longer than looking for a pattern which doesn’t exist.

Next time, I should draw up a design and brief instructions before starting on the project. I should also write what I’m doing so I can replicate the same pattern again! I should….. but… knowing me I probably wont.